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Dimmer 25W 30W R7S LED 118MM
  LED R7S is popular in the market now. there are also many model with R7S. SMD, COB, 360degree R7S. with diffirent wattage. Tianci Lighting is a professional LED R7S for 6years. and we all series model of R7S, 2835series, 5630series. COB series. And we have all these version in dimmer. And we can also provide 25W dimmer R7S. 25W and 30W is the biggest LED power in the market now. it can replace 250W hologen lamp, 30W can replace 300W hologen lamp. so it is popular among customers. And good news that 25W 30W R7S can make dimmer, and dimmer effect from 5% to 100%. stable quality and good light effect. Choose R7S, choose Tianci lighting.

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